Food Service HACCP

We can help you with your individual needs for "Food Safety HACCP Readiness".

HACCP Class For Food Service Establishments:

  • Retail-catering-large kitchens- commissaries-nursing homes-restaurant.
  • This class prepares food service establishments in their design, implementation, maintenance of their "recipe driven HACCP", and also, in the monitoring of the flow of food from purchasing to serving.

Food Services Audits (Institutions and Commercial Kitchens):

  • We customize our forms and reporting procedures to inform you of food safety deviations.
  • The effective audit will give you an opportunity to upgrade your food safety system.
  • This audit includes (hazard analysis, CCP, and special attention to the process steps, records, and micro testing.

Our team can provide resources not readily available to the varied schools, institutions, and commercial kitchen.

3 HACCP Development and Assembly Designs For The Individual Service Needs:

  • Total Implementation of A Food Safety Program
  • Essential Requirements for a HACCP program
  • Basic SSOP and HACCP programs in place.

Attention Food Safety HACCP Coordinator!

Is your "Food Safety HACCP ship" in need of a rudder or a sail to stop aimlessly drifting? We can help you with your individual needs for "Food Safety HACCP Readiness".

Our audit will compile all the necessary information needed to develop a comprehensive food safety program. A written report and consultation accompanies the audit.

The audit includes an analysis to determine your present resources and your capacity to develop a Food Safety HACCP program.

The audit will also determine the areas, if any, for the need of further assistance in developing and completing your Food Safety HACCP program.