Food Safety Auditing

We can help you with your individual needs for "Food Safety HACCP Readiness".

Auditing of The Vendor:

  • We verify that the vendor is following food safety regulations and requirements thru thorough auditing of their facility with written reports and recommendations.

Auditing Your Food Safety Prerequisites:

  • Matching regulatory requirements to existing programs

Auditing of The Process Steps:

  • Verifying the seven principals of the HACCP plan while noting changes in the process steps by reports and recommendations.

Food Services Audits (Institutions and Commercial Kitchens):

  • We customize our forms and reporting procedures to inform you food safety deviations.
  • The effective audit will give you an opportunity to upgrade your food safety system.
  • This audit includes (hazard analysis, CCP, and special attention to the process steps, records, and micro testing.

Our team can provide resources not readily available to the varied schools, institutions, and commercial kitchen.

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