About Billy G. Nolen Associates

A brief company history and a list of our food safety associates.

Billy G. Nolen

Billy Nolen was privileged to come under the tutorage of two nationally known German sausage makers who furthered his knowledge in all of the categories of sausage making including: The knowledge and experience in automation, systems management and production expertise.

Promotion, Research and Development:

  • Expertise in the area of researching, enhancing, developing, and promoting the product recipe.

Quality Control, Micro Testing, and HACCP Integration:

  • Food safety issues being a vital part of the food industry, Billy began to develop, initiate, and continue to maintain HACCP, SSOP plans, training, and company audits.

Formal Education:

  • College not related to food industry.
  • Continuing education with college level seminars related to the food industry.

Certifications with:

  • International HACCP alliance
  • ServSafe
  • Prometrics assessments
  • State of Illinois certified tester
  • SQF auditing and facilitating

Food Safety Associates

Emanuel Youkins - Regulatory Expert


  • USDA & State Programs
  • Supervisor, IL State, Meat & Poultry
  • Familiar with Chicago and IL State environment
  • USDA IL State Coordinator
  • Expert in any process category

George Francis Pinto

  • Spanish Executive HACCP Training, Basic & Advanced
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology/Chemistry, May 2000, Dominican University, GPA 3.46/4.0
  • Certifications in:
    • SILLIKER Microbiology Petrifilm
    • SILLIKER Microbiological concerns in Food Plant Sanitation and Hygiene
    • AIB HACCP certified
    • SQF Practitioner
  • Has completed Graduate Level courses from Illinois Institute of Technology in:
    • HACCP Plan Development
    • Food Microbiology
    • Food Law and Regulation
    • Food Analysis
    • Food Process Engineering
    • Food Biotechnology
    • Food Packaging