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Billy G. Nolen Associates, which is HACCP accredited, provides expert, customized consulting in all aspects of food safety and HACCP, including sanitation training, HACCP planning, food safety auditing, crisis intervention, validation and root cause analysis.

Our mission is to elevate your company's food safety environment to the highest standards by incorporating state-of-the-art techniques, including ISO22000, SQF and Prometric.  By doing so, we maintain to give you a personalized, professional, and scientific approach to not only assessing your food safety needs, but fulfilling them.

Many clients have been satisfied with our food safety consulting services and our dedication to quality and excellence in all that we do.  From "farm to table", we are able to assist you every step of the way with customized food safety auditing to meet your individual requirements and to assure your food products are guaranteed safe.

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Full List of Services

We offer a complete array of professional food safety consulting services for all of our clients.

  • SQF Preparedness
  • BRC Preparedness
  • Food 22000 Preparedness
  • USDA Startups
  • FDA Startups
  • HARPSE Development
  • SQF Development
  • HACCP Accredited
  • Certified HACCP training
  • HACCP training at your facility
  • Labeling/Nutritional submission
  • Non-compliance (NR.) assistance
  • USDA FSIS letters/closures
  • Crisis intervention
  • Retail audits
  • Wholesale audits
  • Audit preparation/document readiness
  • Sanitation audits
  • Bio-terrorism security development
  • Recall
  • Lotting
  • Trace backward and forward

Announcing certified SQF consulting!

If you have a problem with developing your food safety and food quality system let us help. We can begin with an inexpensive review of your food safety requirements. Once reviewed, we will develop a program based on your processes and specific SQF systems. We will also provide validation that your food safety program is working, along with records that provide verification of your systems.

  • HACCP Certified
  • "High Risk Categories" Welcomed
  • Consultation, Assessment, and Proposal Within 10 Days

Free over-the-phone food safety consultation

Talk to a food safety expert today at no charge! We will direct you to the best food safety solutions, listen to your questions, and offer suggestions. All you need to do is give us a call today!

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